44 Minutes and 27 Seconds

It’s barely anything.

No one would miss it in the grand time that is life.

But a lot can happen in 44 Minutes and 27 seconds.

You can bake a cake.

Or cookies.

You can read a children’s book.

Or play the piano.

You could drink some tea

Watch the sun rise.

but 44 minutes is a long time to be away from you.

In 44 minutes, my heart starts to hurt.

My breathing gets hard.

My eyes well up,

and I want to hit something.

In 44 minutes and 27 seconds,

my heart never stops breaking.

Because my love,

why would I would i want

to stay away

from you?

A moment with you

My cheek feels warm against your chest as your fingers play with my hair, absently twirling knots. You softly shush in my ear and I feel your breath move against my skin.

I reach my hand up, sliding my fingers between yours. We fit perfectly together. Heart flutters. Eyes closed. Cheeks flushed. And I hold your hand tightly against my chest, feeling it rising and fall against me.

“I love you” is whispered in the silence around around us. But we don’t have to say anything because we already know.

It’s warm here

It’s warm here
With your hand
In my hand
It’s warm here
With your lips on my lips.
Its warm here
Where I
Touch you
It’s warm here
Where I trace circles on your skin
It’s warm here.
Where I feel your pleasure rise beneath my touch
Waxing and waning.
It’s warm here,
Where the heat of you engulfs me.
Where I kiss you till I can breathe.
Where i want
All of you.
It’s warm here.

Notebook Writings

I communicate with words
dwelling on the way they sound
how they roll off the tongue
and feel in your mouth
the right words just come
strung together
tumbling out of your mouth
falling into place
you revolve around me
and I just have to reach towards the stars
clasp my hands around the words
around you

S0 give me a pen and a notebook
and I’ll give you the world